Student saying.......... about SKITM


To be a student at SKITM its dream fulfilled

- Lal singh

- Civil- 2nd Year

The curriculum, seminars Tech Quiz, Professional Lectures are a gateway to our personality Development

- Sitender

Civil- 2nd Year

Ah………? So fascinating and interesting being a student of SKITM who not only cares for teaching but more than that and that too in accomplished way.

- Naveen Kaushik

Civil- 2nd Year

E-learning Tech seminars and professional courses viz .NET, SAP, ERP Main Frame, hitherto not incorporated in regular courses are new concepts to regulate our career.

- Vidit Dass

CSE-2nd Year

The Teaching methodology coordinated with in house Practicals and industrial visits are major Thrust at SKITM- Really appreciable and helps us in understanding the subject fast- that’s why SKITM is abreast and ahead of others.

- Ajay Kumar

ECE- 2nd Year

At SKITM, the management, faculty and all staff members are so co-operative, that you love to be in their soothing. Time to time professional counseling by insiders and outsiders have helped open myself so much that I really feel heavy transformation with in me. I bestow this professionalism only because I am at SKITM and I call for all others fellow student to follow suit if really want to imbibe Professionalism.

- Vijay kumar

ECE- 2nd Year