Principal’s Message

C:\Documents and Settings\kabir\Desktop\AICTE FOLDER\STAFF PHOTO  1\SS RAWAT.jpgThe new millennium has many challenges for engineers. Here at Sat Kabir Institute of Technology Management, we develop their potential by involving them in academic, career- building creative activities equipping them to become globally competent enough to answer the challenges. This ennobling process of growth is facilitated here at SKITM.

The youths are the most energetic socially sensitive human resource of a country. The techno-savvy and modern dot com generation, if guided properly and logically can work wonders with their firebrand ideas.

By means of enabling them to participate in the group discussions, trainings, presentations, seminars and workshops organized in and out of the institute, we can refine these engineers to build future of India. All these efforts are pursued assiduously to identify the functional gaps between SKITM and the premier institutions of the country and then narrowing it. Teachers are said to be “a nation’s builders”.

With our experienced and learned faculty encouraging and coaching the students’ endeavors in engineering, no dream is far-off.

An Engineering institute is not just made of steel, bricks, mortar and concrete, but a place to cultivate social, moral and spiritual values along with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes that lasts a lifetime.

Nevertheless we are equipped with the state of the art laboratories, computer centre, spacious classrooms et al, Our mission to instill in engineers the urge to be creative and innovative; and inspiring them towards equity and social justice. With these steady steps, we continue our march forward enriching character, minds and experiences. We look forward to meeting you here at SKITM.