Sat Kabir Institue of Technology & Management  (SKITM)  The library at SKITM is more like integrated knowledge resource centre in which more
than 6000 books, CD ROMS , national & international journals ,magazines covering all aspects of
academic studies & research materials with internet facility are stocked.

Library Automation

Library The Library uses the automation software “Library ” for its operations; with a fully
bar-coded transactions, reservation, cancellation, search facilities of library resources and
web enabled OPAC service throughout the Campus.

Digital Library

The Digital Library is air-conditioned & equipped with multi-media systems with dedicated
broadband internet. The Digital Library provides access to NPTEL. Other facilities incorporated
to the digital library services includes online public access catalogue (OPAC), NPTEL
access facility, internet facility, smart card based bar-coded transactions and search
facilities of library resources…etc