Chairman Perspective  ‘Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam’
Science based systematic knowledge needs to be utilized for all around development of the human personality that takes into account the spiritual, moral and social aspects while keeping in  the view the traditions, culture, values of life and philosophy of nation.

New and emerging technologies have changed the whole scenario, with arrival of internet and it’s peripherals being the order of the day.

Sat Kabir Institute of Technology and Management spiritually oriented by Sadd Guru “Sant Garib Dass Ji” & “Sat Kabir Ji” whose holy spirit may enlighten and guide the brighter career of students, is a major step forward in the direction of contributing an excellent technological institution to this country.

Given today’s competitive arena that includes ever-increasing multibillion-dollar Indian technology and engineering business, your place in this sector will continue to evolve and your needs for strong professional skills across the spectrum of the engineering and technology sectors will grow. SKITM seeks to provide you with the knowledge base, technical proficient and professional exposure that can accelerate your career in engineering and technology sectors.

SKITM has been planned as seminal force to provide the industry with well-educated and technically competent engineers and future technology leaders, whose innovations will serve the industry as well as the country; however, preparing students for such leadership positions also requires knowing what the market wants. Therefore, we work directly with engineering professionals to craft a curriculum that provides real-world value.

We obtain input from many sources, including the industry experts, the SKITM Advisory Board, and the organizations that recruit and hire engineering graduates. Recommendations from our industry partners have helped us build a curriculum that meets the actual demand of industry.
Challenge thrown by globalization, privatization and liberalization of economy can be solved by highest degree of technical knowledge, skill, expertise and sharp intellect. We at SKITM, shall grow world class professionals in the field of engineering and technology, who will not only take up the challenges of material world but fulfill the commitment of “Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam”. Let us make this world a noble place to live in.

I am grateful to the Authorities in the State Government, AICTE and other establishments who have given me and my trustees enough moral support and guidance to establish SKITM as modem institution to impart the best quality education to the growing youth of the country.